Building Your Dream Home: Why Sarasota Custom Home Builders Are The Best Choice

We are so proud to announce that our Founder and President here at Trinity Construction & Design has made the news yet again! This time an interview Michael Cocozza was recently published in a Tampa online magazine called “Voyage Tampa”.

In this article Michael discusses growing up as a Sarasota native (yup that’s right.. you don’t see to many of those!) and having the privilege and blessing to be able to work with his mentor and father growing up on job sites of his father’s business. Mikes father, as expressed in this article was a man who operated with integrity and a firm belief in not just building to meet code, but exceeding it and building the absolute highest level of quality.

Using the skills, knowledge and experiences gained from working with this father from a young age, Michael set out to start his own company and to accomplish his dreams of being one of Sarasota’s premier luxury home builders. As they say Rome wasn’t built in a day.. and neither was Trinity Construction. Michael and his twin brother, Jesse, started a custom framing and finish carpentry business (Mikes been doing everything from bones to finish for a long time!) together about the same time Michael was studying for his Contractors license. It was during the building of this business that Michael found his mission that persists with him to this day..

“to provide a custom-building experience that vastly exceeds our client’s expectations by recognizing that quality can only be achieved through integrity, transparency, and organization.”

There is so much more to this article, including information on current projects and some insight ti what’s next for Trinity Construction & Design. Be sure to check out the entire article at the link below!


Exploring Life & Business with Michael Cocozza of Trinity Construction & Design.

Building more than just homes, building relationships

Our projects

Lido Rose
Lido Rose is a 4,300 square foot Coastal contemporary home with West Indies styling designed by CMSA Architects. This project was an opportunity for our team to showcase our talents outside of the Modern Aesthetic. The home features a diverse palette of colors, textures and details blending together seamlessly. Our team really enjoy the process and execution of this beautifully designed home.
The Half Light House
Meet the Half-Light House, a contemporary Gulf Coast residence that seamlessly integrates modern design principles with the beauty of Sarasota Bay. Characterized by its tropical modern aesthetic and structured around a 3×3 grid system, the Half-Light House maximizes natural light flow through an L – Shaped floor plan and an integrated louver shading system.
Origami House
Origami house is a uniquely shaped home nestled on 17 acres in Myakka Valley Ranches. Each room boasts a spectacular view of old Florida landscape. The design of the home consists on one 90 degree corner on the structure which dictates the spectacular roof lines of the home which gives the home its name.
The One / Main St. Penthouse
The One started off with big ideas and a vision from our client to create a masculine but refined downtown penthouse retreat. Having relocated to Sarasota from Los Angeles, as well as having been involved in many renovation and construction projects previously, our client sought us out to transform this penthouse unit. 
Stickney Point Coastal Contemporary
Stickney Point Coastal Contemporary was a project that we were exceptionally proud to be a part of. Having the opportunity to work with a client who spent over 30 years in the commercial construction industry seemed upfront like a daunting task.
Bayside Estate
We started off with a 30+ year old waterfront home that was long past its glory days. The home had many systems which were in disrepair and finishes that were outdated.