Sand Dune House

This project pushed our systems and processes to be refined and changed the way we build homes forever. Utilizing our three-dimensional modeling software, we found creative solutions to construct this one-of-a-kind home to the highest degree of accuracy possible. Once the concrete structure was completed, the home was surveyed throughout and found to be within 1/8” of all plan dimensions. This level of accuracy is not commonly achieved among traditionally shaped homes. 

The sand dune house was a longtime dream for our client. As we see in many custom homes, once the project gets started, changes begin to appear on the horizon. We were slated to complete this project in a 24 month schedule. However, it soon became apparent that the magnitude of changes being requested were going to push the schedule much further. That is the beauty of custom home building. You get exactly what you want. We were more than happy to accommodate all of our clients wishes and requests so long as it was understood that it would require time. Ultimately, we arrived at a home that our client is elated with and a notch in our belt. The story of our business can easily be tied to this one project. It was our springboard into the luxury new construction market, and we have taken the challenge of becoming Sarasota’s premier custom home builder head on. It is a story that we can solely attribute to our faith and the opportunities that God has put in front of us.

Sand Dune House

Project Duration: 40 Months

The sand dune house was a giant step forward for our team. Up until this point, we had solely provided renovation services. We had not yet been given the opportunity to build a new custom home.  We met the client in an unfortunate circumstance. We were hired on as the 3rd contractor to complete a project which was drastically over schedule and budget. In the process of completing this renovation project, a level of trust and respect had grown between our team and the client and a working relationship began to take root. As we were nearing the completion of the renocation project, our client had shown us a model of the home he had been dreaming of building for quite some time and posed the question, “Do you think you can build this?” Immediately, I responded with an emphatic, “Absolutely!”  After months of discussions and budgeting and scheduling exercises, we reached an agreement and were awarded the new construction contract to build what would become an iconic home.  It was an opportunity of a lifetime for our then small business. This was quite a home to attempt as our first custom new build. 

Project Details
Location: Lido Beach, Florida
Project Size: 8,600 Sq. Ft
Project Duration: 40 Months
Project Architect: DSDG Architects
Interior Design: JKL Design Group
Project Engineer: Wilson Structural Engineers


We consulted with Trinity Construction because we were having problems with our new home builder not meeting electable on warranty repairs. Jay was able to give us some priceless insights, industry knowledge, and point out numerous problems going on during the construction. Thanks to his walk through, we were able to get our home builder warranty department to replace several things in our home that we could have missed without his expertise and knowledge. He also brought attention to some serious hazards that were going on during construction. He was straight forward and honest, which I greatly appreciated.
When I think of Mike and his team over at Trinity Construction and design the first things that come to mind are trust, honesty, and integrity. I met Mike when he was brought in on a new-build to take over for a contractor who lost those values. I refer him to friends and colleagues and have received calls back thanking me for introducing them to Mike and his team. As a licensed home inspector I’ve seen my share of sloppy workmanship but I’ve stood in some of Mike’s luxury builds and my parents and I both live in two of his remodels and his attention to detail is unmatched.
The professionalism I have experienced working with Jay, the VP of Operations, has been unequaled. He is detail oriented and never misses a thing. He is equitable, honest, and quick to respond.
Trinity Construction is undeniably impressive. Their craftsmanship and professionalism shows through their work. If you’re looking for an insightful and talented team who does it all, look no further.
Michael Cocozza and his team at Trinity Construction & Design without a doubt do the BEST JOB EVER!!! They renovated our 1968 villa and we couldn’t be happier with the end result! If quality construction and craftsmanship are important to you, then you’ll want to use Trinity Construction & Design for your next project!!!
If you’re looking to build a house or remodel in Sarasota, Mike Cocozza and Company at Trinity Construction are the best in the area. They offer great customer service, great attention to detail and amazing results. Building a house is the orchestration of hundreds of tradesmen working together to complete a single goal and the way Trinity Construction facilitates this process is unparalleled. You may find a cheaper price but you will not find better value.

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