Brittany Cocozza

Brittany Cocozza frequently teams up with the Trinity team to provide interior-design guidance at every stage of the building process. Working collaboratively with the construction team in house, Brittany is able to communicate daily with project managers to ensure that design elements are seamlessly incorporated into the build.  


True passion for innovative design is what drives Brittany to strive for excellence in any project she tackles, and she derives energy from her clients and loves to inspire them. Brittany has an unusually keen eye for color, small details, and a professed obsession for furniture.


An Atlanta native, Brittany moved to Sarasota to pursue her BFA in interior design from Ringing College of Art & Design, and she studied modern and classical design in Italy. After graduating in 2007, she worked with an architecture firm in Tampa and then as a lead designer for a reputable Sarasota interior-design firm. She founded Trinity Design in 2014 and has since used her talents to bring elegance and polish to both commercial and residential projects of all types.  


When she’s not at work, Brittany enjoys working out and boating with her husband and two children.