Dominic Furlano

Project Manager

Dominic Furlano is currently a Project Manager at Trinity Construction and Design, he grew up immersed in the world of construction from an early age in the rural South-towns of Buffalo, NY.  He mentored working alongside his farming family framing homes, driving semitrucks, and running heavy machinery, all the while idolizing his master welder grandfather.  Around the age of 8 after realizing there were some art skills at hand at the kitchen table by his grandmother, she educated him on what an Architect did, he decided to strive to be a Master Builder/Architect from that point on.  He has continued to blur the differences between the two from that day since.


Dominic obtained his Master of Architecture degree from the University of South Florida and after a decade of designing high-end custom homes, and stellar commercial projects, with a few specialized Architecture Firms in the Tampa area.  He and his wife Kristina started their own Era Inspired Historic and Contemporary Home design firm in Tampa.  They have always enjoyed designing and building homes together.  Soon after, they had three wonderful children and decided to transplant to Sarasota where they both met 18 years earlier at Sarasota High.  He recently received his Residential Contractor’s License and is also a currently a member of the Sarasota County Historic Commission.


He first met with the Trinity team about potentially designing and building a project together, while in the meeting both teams recognized working together would be a great synergistic benefit towards all our personal and professional goals.  Since officially joining Trinity in 2022, he has enjoyed an unparalleled passion for building, and striving for perfection across all avenues.  Due to his dual background, he brings an immense attention to detail and focus to every aspect of the project to help our clients, and both the Professional Designers and Field Trades Teams work smoothly together to confidently deliver beautifully crafted homes.


When Dominic is not focusing on the world of construction and design, he is usually outdoors with his family at the BMX track or skatepark, along the beach, or looking for that hidden secret camping spot for a weekend retreat.  When not outdoors, he enjoys being occupied tinkering with motorcycles and cars, and will gladly entertain a game of pool whenever he can fit one in.