Derek Boatwright

Project Superintendent

    Derek Boatwright grew up in the residential home building industry. Working his first job at 14 years old he swept and cleaned custom homes built by his uncle’s home building company. It’s from that moment until now that Derek knew he didn’t want to do anything else. His dedication to knowledge and growth led him down the path of his career. It wasn’t long before Derek wanted to pick up a hammer and learn how to frame. He learned from some of the best in the industry in the Colorado home market. Focused on the lodge style and timber style homes he learned an incredible amount of information from those he worked around.

    Before long Derek wanted to take his learning to higher levels and he pursued higher education at the University of North Texas and earned his degree in Construction Management in 1996. While in college he continued his field education in framing, roofing, tile work, painting, carpentry and many other aspects of the home building industry. It was also at this time he met and married his wife Teresa Boatwright. They are currently in their 29th year of marriage and have 3 wonderful adult children.

    After graduating in 1996 Derek went to work for a highly reputable company back in the Colorado area as a Project Superintendent overseeing very high end custom residential homes. He has overseen the construction on homes for professional athletes, politicians and celebrities. Through the years Derek has worked in many areas of the country for many different clients. From Colorado, Texas and Indiana to Massachusetts, Vermont and New York and now Florida.

    After having a conversation with Michael Cocozza, The president and owner of Trinity Construction & Design, LLC., Derek made the decision to make the move to the beautiful state of Florida to become a part of the family at Trinity Construction & Design in August of 2021. Derek feels as though he is part of a family that knows and understand the meaning of success. He believes in Trinitys core values and has embraced them as if they were his own.

    Derek attributes his success in life and business to God, his family, especially his wife who has supported his decisions from day one to keep reaching for the sky regardless of what it meant and where it meant moving to, his mentors, teachers and his friends. Derek considers it a complete honor to be a part of the Trinity Construction & Design, LLC. Team and is looking forever forward to the future with his new home here with his Trinity teammates, clients and contractors.