Additions, Renovations and Repairs

Trinity Construction & Design began as a meticulous renovation company. Renovating a home takes a separate set of skills than new construction. Understanding how to blend existing finishes to ensure a seamless renovation requires a thorough review process. We believe in the value of prior proper planning in both new construction and renovation projects. Our renovation projects have three phases. pre-renovation process, renovation process and the completion process.

Pre-renovation Process:

Pre-renovation process includes utilizing three dimensional drafting of existing conditions when necessary. Additionally, our team will complete a thorough review of the existing conditions utilizing field measuring techniques to allow us to fully document the existing conditions. Working with our clients we work through options and selections to ensure a well planned renovation project.

Renovation Process:

During this process we begin with demolition of the selected items. It is best practice, when financially feasible to start with a blank slate for a renovation process. Removing all finishes and walls in the renovation area allows us to start fresh with plumb square and level walls and floors. We work by establishing control lines and benchmark elevations to ensure old, sloppy work is removed and replaced. Throughout this process we are offering solutions and options to our clients when it comes to not only finishes, but mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems as well as structural upgrades to ensure their greatest investment is maintained and will last for years to come. Throughout this process we conduct a series of in-process reviews to ensure each step is completed with accuracy and detail in order to delivery a quality project at the end of the process.

Completion Process:

Upon completion of the renovation, we work with vendors and trade partners to deliver a turnkey home. By working with the clients in the final months of the project we work to reduce the final punch list be providing a myriad of protective products to protect each finish in the home from being damaged. In the final stages of the project, all protective products are removed and the home is professionally cleaned and delivered to the client to enjoy for years to come.