Partnering our clients with the areas most professional real estate agents and brokers.

Sarasota and its surrounding areas are beautiful and it’s no surprise this once small town has grown at a steady pace. If you are considering relocating to Florida’s west coast and are in need of an agent to guide you through this process, we are happy to introduce you to an agent would will work hard to help you find the perfect property. Trinity Construction & Design, believes in being in advocate for our clients and treating each one with integrity and respect, which is why we have partnered with a handful of agents who will do the same for you.

In the property selection phase, there are numerous items which can ultimately have an impact on how large of a home can be built, where it can be built, what design features can be incorporated and even whether the property can actually be renovated. Because of this it is important to work with a professional. We work to help educate our clients and agents on building codes, zoning codes as well as FEMA regulations in flood zones to ensure our clients are making the best decision possible in the property selection phase.

With many areas of Sarasota having flood zones, it is imperative to understand the in and outs of construction related restrictions while building or renovating within a flood zone. Oftentimes, older homes which reside in flood zones are non-conforming which means, that renovations can either be limited or impossible based on FEMA regulations. It is extremely important to complete proper due diligence prior to purchasing a home or lot within a flood zone. Trinity Construction & Design is well versed in these regulations and can be a great addition to your team in the property selection phase. If you have questions regarding FEMA regulation of non conforming homes or need assistance in finding a great agent, contact us today to set up a meeting.