What services do you provide?

We are a state certified building contractor. The services we provide are:

  1. Custom Home Construction
  2. Home Renovations
  3. Additions
  4. Commercial New Construction (3 Stories or Less)
  5. Commercial Alterations

How long have you been in business?

Trinity Construction & Design was founded in January of 2010. Our team has over 45 years of combined construction experience in the Sarasota area.

What separates your firm from its competitors?

We focus on a people first mindset. Whether with clients, vendors or subcontractors, we strive to treat people with respect, honesty and fairness. We are loyal to the people we work with and we hold our trade partners to the highest standards. We offer 100% transparency to our clients. Transparency extends from our financial record keeping, subcontracting, as well as our communication and scheduling.

What are some of the process you utilize that make your project stands out?

We believe in the utilizing all tools necessary to proactively plan and manage our projects.  By utilizing 3D models, which are drawn before the first shovel hits the ground, we are able to improve the accuracy of our take-offs, subcontractor’s bids as well as the accuracy of the project plans.  Once the project commences, we use the model in conjuction with the plans to ensure we are building to the highest degree of accuracy.   We also utilize on-site project managers to implement our standards of excellence.   Using in process review at every stage of the project, we ensure that items are not being missed along the way.

What is the average cost range of your projects?

Our projects typically range between $200,000 – $3,000,000 for renovations and our new construction projects tend to range between $800,000 – $4,000,000.00. We are currently working on a custom home project with a build cost of $7,500,000.00

Will you renovate one bathroom or one kitchen?

Schedule permitting, we will renovate a single room in a home. Typically, we provide this service for past clients only. We have referrals we can offer if you are only looking for a single room renovation or smaller project.

How far will you travel for projects?

Our service area extends from Venice to South West Manatee County, or as far north as Anna Maria and as far South as Manasota Key.

What services do you provide?

We are a state certified building contractor. The services we provide are:

1. Custom Home Construction

2. Whole Home Renovations – We currently do not offer single room renovations.

3. Commercial New Construction

4. Commercial Alterations.

What is the average cost range of your projects?

New construction costs vary in costs drastically based on location as well as level of finishes expected. We can build at nearly any price point as long as the expectation of quality is commiserate with the required budget. With that being said, our team focuses primarily on luxury custom construction. Our new construction projects typically start around $2.5M and have gone up to $15M. With regards to renovations, since we do not typically engage in single room renovations, our whole home renovations typically start around $500,000 and have gone upwards of $3M depending on size and scope of the project.

Each project has unique circumstances, which will ultimately determine the cost of the project. We provide a realistic budget for each of our projects which is fitting with the expectation of quality desired.