Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a custom-building experience that vastly exceeds our client’s expectations by recognizing that quality can only be achieved through integrity, transparency and organization.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to build homes and relationships that last a lifetime.

Our Core Values

Trinity Construction & Design is committed to building the highest level of quality custom homes.  This commitment is reinforced by a relentless drive to provide a gratifying and transparent process.

Trinity Construction & Design is a Sarasota based custom home building firm. Started in 2010 by Michael Cocozza, Trinity Construction & Design has focused on four primary points of focus. Integrity, Transparency, Organization and Quality. We believe that the home building or renovation process should be an enjoyable one and with a focus on these four areas, we can ensure a successful project, every time.

Integrity to us is doing the right thing, no matter what and always following through on what we say we will do. Making this a priority in our business and for each project, gives our clients the comfort they need to enjoy the construction process. We practice integrity by being responsive to client’s requests, never cutting corners, and fulfilling our promises. This does not end with just our clients, it also carries on to our relationships with our trade partners and vendors. Having built a great network of trade partners and vendors in Sarasota, we set the example to ensure our trade partners are operating with integrity as well.

Transparency is the first thing we often hear is lacking in previous experiences our client’s have had with other builders. Understanding how crucial it is for our clients to be aware of project finances, project scheduling and project details, we have made transparency a major part of our business. Whether using our online project management software with real-time budget accounting available to our clients 24-7 or complete cloud access to all pertinent project documents, we operate completely open book. This level of transparency gives our clients the trust needed to become the foundation for a successful project.

Organization is paramount in the custom homebuilding process. We have developed processes and procedures to ensure that every person involved in a project from our team, trade partners, design professionals and vendors have every detail needed to ensure a quality product. Our firm utilizes a highly organized cloud based file management system which allows our team, clients and trade partners to have every necessary document available to them at the click of a button. Each member of our team utilizes laptops and tablets in the field to gain access to plans, proposals, and schedules on a daily basis.

Organization also means being prepared for the job. Each custom home we build starts with our three dimensional modeling process. This process involves merging the architectural and structural plans for the project into a three dimensional BIM model. Through this process we are able to achieve a comprehensive study of the home to ensure that the plans are accurate and that we achieve a full understanding of both the designer’s intent as well as the engineers plans. Through this process we are able understand each project to the square inch and plan for accuracy within 1/16th of an inch. We are able to virtually build each home to ensure our process is planned to perfection prior to even breaking ground. These three dimensional models give us the ability to complete takes offs with the highest of accuracy to ensure our bids are accurate. They also allow us to be detailed ad thorough while discussing details with clients, trade partners and design professionals.

Quality is the expectation of each and every project we are a part of. We believe that quality is the result and only can be achieved by operating with integrity, transparency and organization.

“You will never be any better than your clients perception of you.” – Robert J. Cocozza