Welcome to Trinity Construction & Design, LLC

Our Home Building Process

The home building and renovation process should be an enjoyable experience. Developing processes and procedures and investing in technology integrations has enabled our firm to make that a reality.

Our firm focuses on the following key concepts; Quality, Relationships, Communication and Transparency.


First and foremost, our expectations are clear.  We expect our subcontractor base to perform to the highest level.  There are no gray areas, “it is right or it’s wrong”.  Through relentless in-process-review and consistent communication our project management team works to enforce our quality standards and keep the project momentum surging.  

Attention to detail can be taken to another level.  Our method includes the use of 3D modeling prior to building the structure to provide our clients with the review their project deserves.  This step enables our firm to find architectural and structural improvements and potential conflicts; both of which can cost the project time and money during the building process.  There are many other quite proprietary advantages our modeling process provides, and our clients have been blown away by this value-added activity.


This is easy! It’s all about people. Treat everyone like a customer. Our business is based on referrals. Take a look at our online reviews and ask the local architects; Trinity Construction & Design takes care of our clients, our subs and our people.


Through integration of project management software, proprietary software and construction accounting software, we are able to organize and communicate the information needs and manage the financial requirements with accuracy and expediency. Yes, there are selections, specifications and there’s a budget and we know it forward and backwards. This integration affords the ability to proact to client changes and communicate those changes and additions to the project team efficiently and effectively.


Our clients and owners are provided real-time access to all financial and project data including invoices, receipts, subcontracts, bids, schedules, job site photos, work logs, material selections, etc. It is our belief that this transparent open book approach yields the highest level of communication and collaboration between our team and the client. Not to mention, it fosters trust! There are no questions of hidden agendas or conditions, accompanied by the availability of all information required for collaboration, cooperation and collective decision making.