Welcome to Trinity Construction & Design, LLC



What services do you provide?

We are a state certified building contractor. The services we provide are:

  1. Custom Home Construction
  2. Home Renovations
  3. Additions
  4. Commercial New Construction (3 Stories or Less)
  5. Commercial Alterations

Will you renovate one bathroom or one kitchen?

Schedule permitting, we will renovate a single room in a home. Typically, we provide this service for past clients only. We have referrals we can offer if you are only looking for a single room renovation or smaller project.

Do you offer design services?

We do offer interior design services. If you are in need of design services for a new construction project or renovation, we can  help by facilitating meetings with an architect or a drafting professional.

Do you offer 3D Models of your projects?

Part of our process includes preparing 3D models of our projects. The level of detail that goes into these models varies depending on project needs. We offer this service for all of our new construction projects. The cost for these models is outlined in our proposals. We have found that by creating these models, we are able to effectively build a project before it even breaks ground in order to understand any design conflicts and provides a platform for us to communicate with the client regarding finishing decisions and space planning.   The benefits of utilizing models for our projects has allowed us to increase efficiency in both bidding projects, as well as building projects.

How far will you travel for projects?

Our service area extends from Venice to South West Manatee County, or as far north as Anna Maria and as far South as Manasota Key.

How do you handle clients who do not live locally?

We employ multiple processes in order to ensure great communication with our clients.  Some of these processes include:

  1. Industry leading project management software which allows our clients to review and approve product selections, track budgets real-time, review schedules as well as review daily project reports and daily photos of their project.
  2. We utilize dropbox for business, which provides clients access to all of their project files including, plans, subcontracts, invoices, expenses and lien releases.
  3. We utilize multiple methods of video conferencing to review plans real-time with clients as well as 3D models. We have found that by introducing the use of 3D models, our clients can gain a much better visual representation of what their project will look like. We use these models to present possible changes, preview how different building methods may benefit or harm our process, as well as many other benefits.


How long have you been in business?

Trinity Construction & Design was founded in January of 2010. Our team has over 45 years of combined construction experience in the Sarasota area.

What sets your firm apart from your competitors?

We focus on a people first mindset. Whether with clients, vendors or subcontractors, we strive to treat people with respect, honesty and fairness. We are loyal to the people we work with and we hold our trade partners to the highest standards. We offer 100% transparency to our clients. Transparency extends from our financial record keeping, subcontracting,  as well as our communication and scheduling.

What are some of the processes you utilize to make your projects stand out?

We believe in the utilizing all tools necessary to proactively plan and manage our projects.  By utilizing 3D models, which are drawn before the first shovel hits the ground, we are able to improve the accuracy of our take-offs, subcontractor’s bids as well as the accuracy of the project plans.  Once the project commences, we use the model in conjuction with the plans to ensure we are building to the highest degree of accuracy.   We also utilize on-site project managers to implement our standards of excellence.   Using in process review at every stage of the project, we ensure that items are not being missed along the way.


What is the average price per square foot of your projects?

We receive this question weekly. Cost per square foot is a very tricky question. There are many factors which ultimately affect the total cost of a custom home or renovation. Location of the project, level of finishes, type of foundation, etc.  Since no two projects are alike, it’s nearly impossible to assign a cost per square foot. When presented with a full set of plans, and by utilizing our experience, subcontractor base, take-off software and budgeting software, we are able to provide accurate pricing.  We strongly believe that providing a client with realistic costs up front, including accurate allowances, allows our clients to make sound decisions when selecting a builder and when budgeting for their projects.

What is the average cost range of your projects?

Our projects typically range between $200,000 – $3,000,000 for renovations and our new construction projects tend to range between $800,000 – $4,000,000.00.  We are currently working on a custom home project with a build cost of $7,500,000.00

Are you a cost-plus builder or a lump sum builder?

We believe that cost plus contracts offer the best options for both our company and our clients. We provide full and accurate budgets prior to commencement and we track those budgets throughout the duration of the project with our clients.  We utilize project management software which allows our clients to login and review budget line items real time. This is part of our transparent process.

What are your fees?

Our fee is largely dependent on the size and scope of a project. For most projects we operate on a cost plus basis of 20% plus management costs.

How are you transparent with the project costs?

All project costs are outlined prior to the start of a project. This includes providing our clients with full access to subcontractors bids, material pricing etc.  All of these files are available to our clients via Dropbox.

What happens if I / we would like to make a change in the middle of our project?

Changes are inevitable during the construction or renovation process. We do not seek to take advantage of our clients when a change is initiated. We will review all items which will be impacted by the change and prepare an accurate and fair accounting of the costs to complete the change. There are no additional fees outside of the negotiated contract fee and the costs to effect the change.  Our project management software allows for our clients to review and accept or decline the change order electronically.

Will you work with our bank if we decide to finance our construction project?

We are approved builders with a handful of local and national banking institutions. Our company financials are strong and we have never been denied the opportunity to work with a client’s banking institution.


Will you work with an architect that I / we prefer?

Absolutely.  We work with many great architects locally.

Will you work with an interior designer that I / we prefer?

Absolutely, we work with many great interior designers.

Will you work with a subcontractor that I / we prefer?

We have developed a network of trade partners over the years. From time to time, we have allowed our clients to choose subcontractors. We prefer to use the people we know and trust.

Do you require your clients to make all of their selections up front?

In a perfect world, this would be the easiest way to build, however it is rarely an option. We will prepare a selection schedule to coincide with the construction schedule which outlines the various dates that selections need to be selected by.

Will you provide us with a construction schedule?

Our project management software provides the clients with the  schedule for their project.. This schedule is available online for our clients and subcontractors.  It is automated to let our subcontractors know in advance not only when they will be needed on a particular project, but also when the schedule has changed due to a project change.

How important is job cleanliness to you?

Very important. In every budget, we include allowances to cover the costs of daily/weekly cleanup as well as a final cleaning prior to completion. We feel that a clean jobsite is a much more efficient jobsite.